Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Peek at my squares

I am in a private swap. Here are two of my six squares. Just wanted to share before I delete the scans off my hard drive. What I love about private swaps is that I know that the quality of what I get back will be as good (or even better!) than what I have sent out. I know that most people put a lot of work into their swaps. You have to admit though that you will sometimes get those one or two pieces that look slapped together - glue is all over it, not dried yet, stinky, or one sticker is stuck on as the focal point. I also like the smaller quantity. I get to do more with it. Even though sometimes less is more. Yes, rambling now. Need tea and snackie before beddy-bye. BTW, even though my current love affair is with fabric, I can't get away from metal. Metal will always be my best friend.

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