Saturday, June 14, 2008

Great America Outing

For some odd reason, my dh suggested that we go to Great America today. I don't know what got into his head! We live about an hour and a half away, but that was not the issue. I have so much to do! My art muse has not fully returned yet but I had a creative spurt last nite. It got so sidetracked today. I think he suggested it because my son and I each had a free ticket to get in - teacher and reading thing.

It was actually pretty fun. The lines were too long for the really big roller coasters. We settled on the smaller ones with much shorter lines. We did a lot of rides and saw one show. My 5 year-old got to go on bigger kid rides for the first time. I won each of the kids a colored dragon. We were not quite done when it started to storm. It got instantly freezing cold and we had to get hoodies to keep ourselves warm and dry from the downpour. Overall, it was a good day. I came home to some great Chinese carry-out that my dad brought over from Chinatown. None of that Chinese American stuff but the real deal. I like egg rolls as much as the next person but I grew up on real Chinese food. It is comforting for me to eat it every once in awhile. BTW, for those of you with peanut allergies, it is not advertised, but egg rolls are made with peanut butter. That is the binder that keeps the stuffing together when you eat it. You don't taste it much but it is there. I don't know of any egg rolls that do not use peanut butter, there might be now because of so many peanut allergies. My daughter cannot eat any kind of tree nuts.

I am sitting here now not quite ready to sit at my sewing machine and work on my pressing projects. I have set a deadline for myself for specific projects so I can get my Dremel samples done and get stuff together for my 3 workshops. I know that I am out of school but I have other things in life to do during the day like clean house and take care of my kids. So, what am I doing instead? I am reading, playing Bejeweled and Chainz2, doing inchies, finishing up ATCs, fixing up my wall so I can have a backdrop for my wall hangings. I know that I will get over it soon and get into art mode overdrive very soon.

I am going to finish my tea now and get the rest of my mail art postcards done for Kelli. Night!

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