Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today will be a very busy day for our family. It is Dad's day. I will have to go and wish my dad a Happy Dad's Day but not do much with him. I guess my sister's death prevents him from celebrating anything so soon. Does not mean I can't wish him a Happy Dad's Day and a Happy Birthday tomorrow. Kids got him a card and I got him a small gift. I will have to make him a duck later in the week just because...

My daughter is a cheerleader now and she will be in a parade today. Still gotta wrap my dh's present from the kids. My son tie dyed a shirt for him. I will have to wash and dry that early in the a.m. so he can give it to his dad.

I am dog tired after the entire day at Great America but I am still too wired to sleep. I will go and make some tea. That and a movie will put me right to sleep. I usually have no problems going to sleep but my body is on auto pilot from doing art.

I digress. Happy Dad's Day, Phil! Happy Dad's Day, Dad! I hope that all the Dads in the world have a good day today and that they give you a teeny bit of art time today.

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kiwicarole said...

Hi Belinda, I have been sneaking round your blog dribbling over your fabulous altered books! I love your work, thank you so much for sharing!

Oh, and I hope your back heals soon, I know what it's like.
:) carole