Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh! My Aching Back!

This was a really busy weekend for me. We were at Great America Saturday and my daughter was in a parade yesterday. I woke up this morning with a lot of pain in my lower back. I can't get comfortable in any position. My back has not hurt like this since my powerlifting days. I don't know if it was from Great America, sitting on the curb while watching the parade, sleeping on the couch, or a combination of all of them. All I know is that Tylenol is not working. I can't take aspirin based products with my stomach. I am walking around stooped over like a little old woman with osteporosis. I am going to have to take it easy for the next couple of days.

It was pretty hot for the parade yesterday. My daughter was in a black cheerleading outfit. My son loved it because people in the parade threw candy at all the kids. They gave out little plastic bags for the kids for the candy. My kids were on quite a sugar high!


Sandra said...

Belinda: can your stomach take Aleve ?? if it can, take one along with as hot a sit bath as you can stand, this TRULY helps !! I get lower back pain when I work in my garden, stooping all day, and also sitting on a "hard surface" (like the cement curb you sat on for hours) will do it, so if you can tolerate the Aleve, it reeeeallly works, no side effects like drowsy or addictive and taking only one does not hurt my stomach. Hope this helps : )
Love & Blessings, Sandra in AZ


Hi Belinda I have just been playing catch up on your blog and its just full of wonderful information and inspiration thank you for been so giving. My heart flew out to you when I saw the post about your sister. My daughter who is 26 yrs has cervical cancer but I dont know what grade it is and she is 4000klms on the other side of Australia and seems to be in a denial mode at this time. I could scream with frustration at her not seeking further tests and I cant interfere as Im not allowed to contact her specialist and she wont tell me who it is either.
You sisters will meet again somewhere and somehow something inside us tells us this and so many have different beliefs on how this will be but the thing is that doesnt matter its the reunion of families and loved ones that is our comfort. I hope you family/children bring you many years of joy and your art brings you peace and comfort. Please add me to the list of people out here in cyber land that care. hugs Michelle

beckyais said...

When I have that problem, I find that gentle yoga or pilates type stretching helps. I've also tried those adhesive pads that heat up (ThermaCare or something like that) and they offer some relief when you can't sit on a hot pad. Hpe you're feeling better.
Becky Aistrup

Sandy said...

Feel Better! Gentle stretching and rest can be helpful. I know you have a hard time doing nothing, but take some time to relax in today's beautiful weather. Do you have any good books to read?