Saturday, June 21, 2008

Super Brush Swabs

I got some samples awhile ago of these swabs.

They are these little foamy swabs that kind of look like the things you use to put on eyeshadow. I do like them a lot though. They work really well in small applications. They don't fall apart and you can wash them a few times before having to toss them - if you remember to wash the paint off right away, that is. I am notorious for leaving paint on brushes and then having it dried up and impossible to get off.

I recently had to get into some small areas on my polymer clay stuff. The swabs worked great in that application. They are also good for chalk ink. I did some small stuff like ATCs and inchies and they were much easier to use than the detail brushes I have. They are easier for me to control.

I am not sure where to get them retail. They are also used in other applications. So, don't forget to look around the next time you have a doctor's or dentist's appt.

OT: I saw these huge-O cotton swabs - like the ones you use for your ears - at a recent doctor's visit. I asked and snagged a couple. Looks like a big white match to me. Don't have a clue what I will ever do with it. I just had to have it. You understand that, don't you?


shauna said...

So glad I found your blog-I used to be on your group. I love using these kind of swabs also! I've seen a couple of brands at art and craft type stores and you only get a few for a ridiculous price. So, I just buy the eyeshadow brushes in the large packs at the drugstore or Big Lots- places like that. I love them especially for chalk. I use a chalk medium also and they really blend well with that. I use them for detail work with paint, ink, etc. I did buy some at an art store once because they had some in larger sizes and different sponge shapes. But I wouldn't pay those prices all the time.

Anonymous said...

ie1I went to my dentist and orthodontist (2 different people)- they both showed me Microbrushes (brand name) used for applying dental glue - so they do not shed onto your projects. I asked if they would order them for me. I got 50 for $23.00 in a cool tube. They bought them from a dental supply house. They last a long time. They come in very tiny size and then bigger, tiny is like the top of a colored pin-head, the next size is smaller than a match head. I love them and use them constantly. They wash off!
rubbercoop, atlanta