Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hobby Lobby

Explain to me why Hobby Lobby emails their 40% off coupon on Sundays and they are closed on that day? I wonder every time I check their email to see what the weekly coupon is. Don't most people print it out and then go out that day to use it? I usually forget about it and then don't use it. I end up deleting the message instead of using the coupon.

Joann's is open 7 days a week. I sometimes will print off the coupon and use it but I usually have some from the Sunday paper and from the mail that I toss in my purse so I will use it if I end up at their store.

Just wondering at 6:30 in the morning.


Peg said...

I wish Hob Lob was open on Sundays--for my convenience--but I'm also glad that they aren't--for the sake of their employees. Having worked in retail for many years, I know how nice it was to have one day a week when I could plan ahead to do something besides go to work. And churchgoers appreciate it, too.

Anonymous said...

Hobby Lobby happens to be closed on Sunday because the owners want their staff to be able to worship with their families, which I find very commendable in this "greed-driven" society.

They probably send out their Sale Ad on Sunday because that's when a lot of weekly emails go out. Also, that's the day they put the Sale Ad into the paper since newspaper readership is the highest on Sunday.

Hope that helps clarify your question!

Love your work!


rscoach said...

Belinda - Hobby Lobby is a Christian based corporation and they will not work on Sunday for religious reasons - my sister-in-law used to work at one of their stores in San Antonio and they had to be Christian to work there and had to pray at their meetings - I personally choose not to shop there - corporately they are very narrow in their thinking and rather than being inclusive are just the opposite - they even use religion in some of their ads in Texas and in Florida - just me but I don't choose to give my hard earned $$$ to anyone who does not embrace all people - sorry to be on my soap box but you asked :) Reva

Spike said...

Actually, that's kind of brilliant.

Thye get you intching with the ads and the coupons, so you think "I gotta go see what the new toys are!" Oh, but then they're closed, so you plan to go back later in the week.

But between the "Gotta go!" and the "Finally open!" you put the coupon in a sfe place, and never see it again. And you've deleted the email, so that's out. And you still found SOMETHING you couldn't wait another week for.

That's how JoAnne's gets me. < wry grin >