Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dremel Earrings

I am working on some projects to bring with me for the infomercial. Here are a pair of earrings that I made as a sample of what they look like finished.

Cutting the keys is easy. If you have not done it before, I would recommend a vise so that you can easily cut through the key. I used the metal cutting blade from the EZ lock system. Blade is much bigger. It has not broken off like the smaller ones. I do chip off little chunks off an edge though. Save those suckers! They make great found object embellishments later on. Okay, cut through the key. It is easier for me to go through the flat, wide side of the key rather than the edge. Less distance to go through that way. The edges can be quite sharp. So you will need to sand or grind the cut side until smooth and without burrs. Careful, there can be little flying bits of metal from the cutting and grinding.

After that is done, I drill a hole through the bottom so I can put a jump ring or wire through it. I use the 1/16th drill bit for that. The rest is jewelry stuff. I used a head pin to create the bottom part of the earring. Did a little wire wrapping with a loop. Attached a jump ring to the it and the key. I used ready made earring wires to attach to the top of the key. Instant, fun earrings. Notice, they are both not exactly the same. I like the oneness of each one.
BTW, the typewriter keys are the craft ones. The real ones may be too heavy to wear as earrings. Can't speak for all of them, I just know from the ones I have. No, I don't have some from every brand of typewriter ever made.

Click on the pict for a larger view. Comments welcome.

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