Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Altered Spoons

In a very recent issue of CPS, Kelli did some really fun things with spoons. Here is my version. It is not done yet. I still need to change the color on the really bright wire. I have to attach the spoons to a backing. I have chosen to not put words on there. That might change though.
I got these spoons at a huge garage sale at my daughter's preschool. I rummaged through all the silverware until I picked out all the cool spoons. I put them aside for another day and the perfect project. Well, that day has come. Yes, Sandy, you are right in this case. Sometimes, it is best to save something and not sell it/give it away/throw it out.
Use wax paper so you don't muck up your table. Alcohol inks can be sticky and gooey. You can do both sides if you want. I only did one. I was actually doing something else with alcohol inks and the blender tool. I had some excess ink on the blending foamy thing, so I started dabbing it on whatever metal was available. I grabbed the spoons. I dabbed until there was no more to dab. I let it dry a bit and then dribbled on different colors on different spoons. I let dry while I was doing something else. I am mounting the spoons to a surface, so I had to measure out how I was going to do that. If you are going to screw the spoons to something, make sure your hole is big enough so the screw will thread through to the head.
When you are drilling the hole through the spoon, it might take a couple of passes to drill through. I would drill, get the hole started, let up, and then would try again. I put a bit more pressure into the drill the second time around. I also did it again to ream out the hole a little.
I sat and did the wire wrapping while watching a CSI New York rerun. I have to mount the spoons to the surface. I have to remember to leave off one spoon so I can finish it during the infomercial. It is an unnatural thing for me to just leave off a step or a part of the technique/pieces so I can do it later on in LA (maybe do it). I don't like to leave my stuff unfinished when I can see the end is near.


Shea said...

These spoons rock. Also, I really like the jewls you are making lately.

Sandy said...

I'm loving these spoons. I saw that article in CPS and thought it looked like a fun project. And hooray! let's hear it for hoarding!

Val Foster said...

Hi Belinda. I love these spoons -- what a cool idea. I can't wait to see the finished piece, when they are mounted. I hope you post it.