Thursday, July 10, 2008

More earrings for Dremel

My focus from A to B has changed. I was going to do some WIP charm bracelets for the infomercial, then I found out that there would be another jewelry/scrapbook person there. I decided more projects and less jewelry. I still might do one bracelet, if I have time today.

The ones on the right are for Dawn from Dremel. She is very nice and likes silver jewelry. Don't you love the hands? These hand charms are very nice. Well done. They are finished on both sides. Not cheap looking at all. Oh yeah, I got them from The hand charms are from my private stash. Can't believe I am using them now.

If you don't know, I have pierced ears but rarely wear earrings. I am not big on jewelry and have a tendency to keep something on for days or weeks without changing them. That is why I love it when my family buys real gold or sterling silver. I don't have to continually take it off. I don't change jewelry when I change my clothes. Sorry, TMI. Anyway, my ears don't do well with earrings on for a long time, so I don't wear them very often. Don't understand why I like to make art jewelry when I don't wear it most of the time. I try it on to see how it looks and it's over.

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Peg said...

No, not TMI. I do the same: wear the same jewelry (bracelet and tiny hoop earrings) for days. Hey, I wash! LOL.

Who has time for picking out jewelry every day, especially when you're wearing cut-off jeans and a T-shirt?