Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dremel Sample - Spoons wall hanging

It is still a WIP but it is nearly done. I just added a bit of paint for contrast. It is sitting here with paint drying on it. I dripped some glue on it for texture and for a more aged, sitting-there-for-a-long-time look.

The spoons were alcohol ink'd. I did some basic wire wrapping on it. The scan looks a little dark. They look better in real life. Click on the link for a larger view. The backing is a piece of wood that has some latex paint and then some crackle paint on top of that. I cut some yardstick pieces and glued that on. I used the Dremel to drill holes through the spoons and into the wood. Used some wood screws to secure the spoons on. They were a tad loose, so I put some glue on there. I did it rather sloppily to add to the look. The hanging thing is just some copper wire that was oxidized.



Sandy said...

MMMMM. I am loving the look of the spoons wrapped with wire. You should send the author of that article a note so she can see what you did. I met her at the Quilt show and she was really nice. I'm sure she'd love to see the wall piece.

eclectic works said...

I like how your Spoons wall hanging turned out! :) The spoons and the hanger (I hope that is what it is called) have a cool contrast! I like that :)