Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Phil!

Today is my dh's birthday. He has started to read my blog, so I wanted to let him know that we all love him - me, Zack, and Sam.

I have to go to Dremel today for a focus lunch but I will scoot back home quickly to pick up his cake and take the brood to dinner.

Phil got a very nice GPS unit and a Batman statue for his birthday. He liked the statue more than the GPS unit. Men!

Gotta tell you a funny story. When Phil started reading my blog, I referred to him as "dh". Well, he assumed that it meant dumb husband instead of darling husband. He was all pissed about it until I showed him a website about internet/texting abbreviations. Sometimes, DHs are actually DHs.

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Sandy said...

The dh comment is too funny. Happy Birthday, Phil. Are we having happiness cake today? Do I need to come over and sing Happy Birthday?