Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My two mini-worshops last nite

I am so tired and sore from teaching and hauling yesterday. They were both went over very well. Before I tell you about it, I have to give a huge, huge "thank you!" to my friend, Sandy. She helped me with both classes. She was a tremendous help. I could not have done it without her.

I first helped out in someone else's class. Deb taught metal etching. It was only an hour and a half class, so the etching was not very deep. I have the stuff, so I will have to take the time and try it for myself. I could create some great looking copper pieces.

My first class was the copper book necklace class. I had oxidized the copper sheet, cut it up, and did a class kit with all the materials in it except for the chain. The class went really smoothly. One of my crop-a-diles broke, so I will have to work on getting a new one. The crop-a-dile went over so well that people were swapping Joann's coupons to get one. Some women could not punch through the copper sheet with the regular punch but had no problems with the crop-a-dile. Everyone got to finish theirs, even the ones who showed up late. I did not have time to take pictures - wish I had. They all came out fantastic. It was very satisfying to see how great they turned out. People came up to me and told me what a great class it was. They turned out a great piece of jewelry in just an hour and a half. I thought that the wire wrapping would be the hardest part. The punching and setting of the eyelets was the hardest. It was very nice to see all those women leaving with smiles on their faces - happy that they did something like that themselves. A lot of them commented on how organized I was and how well the class went. They loved the kit. I sold off all my extra ones. Yeah, I am feeling pretty good right now. Sandy was a huge help. She gave a private lesson to people who showed up late. There was a bus tour and they ended up coming back really late. It sucks to be late and flustered to a workshop.

The second workshop was mainly using Color Wash and Radiant Rain with some masks. We did the polymer gloss and mica technique. We dyed VIVA paper towels. We did the Color Wash and Radiant Rain on wrapping paper. We finished off with the masks. This class also went really well. Sandy had the chance to play in this class. There were less people in this class. It was a bit slower and more mellow. Some of the plastic gloves seeped through. I was surprised about that. Mine were fine. Sorry, ladies.

Today is a Dremel lunch and birthday stuff.

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eclectic works said...

Congratulations on the success of your two mini-workshops!! Sounds like you did a fantastic job teaching them! :)