Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My house

The picts are from the same kit. Top is one side and bottom pict is the other side. It is not two different kits.

Last weekend, I was at Valley Ridge Art Studio for a workshop. I saw this House Board Book Kit from Coffee Break Designs. I saw one completed. It is like an accordion book. I was inspired to do my own. I should have bought a few that weekend but did not. I did have a small one though from someone who sent it in with a swap. There are two sizes 2" and the big one is about 4". The small one came with 4 houses and some tape to adhere it.

I did not use the tape that came with it. I used some black tape that photography studios use. I taped the houses together so they would bend accordion style. I figured that the paper would cover most of the black tape. I picked some interesting background papers, stamped on some, and then glued them onto the house. I used a Krylon gold paint pen to do the edges and places where I saw black.

I did not want to add a lot to my house because I liked the backgrounds a lot. Sometimes, I hate to cover up the backgrounds. I think that they are more interesting than any focal point would be. Composition police will come crashing through my door now and arrest me. Cuff me tighter!

The stamps I used were from Diva Impressions Rubber Stamps. Two of them are from the July challenge. How's that for killing two birds with one stone? I am in such a groove right now.

I Googled the house kit and went on the Coffee Break Design site. I did not see the houses there. Actually, no products came up. Coffee Break Designs is the place where I get the man stencils. Kathy also had some man buttons. I thought about buying some but did not know what I would do with them. You can get these very fun houses from Kathy at Valley Ridge Art Studio. I am sure that if you call or email her, she would sell some to you. The large house kits were listed at $5 and small one at $3, I think. Stressing the "I think" part.

If you are going to buy the house kit from her, you might want to ask her about eyelets and brads. She sells the 1/4" eyelets. I heard that you can get the hole punch from a craft store and that a crop-a-dile will set it. Haven't tried that yet. She also sells the 1/16" eyelets and screws. She sells the 1/16 size in the regular length, sweet, and longer ends so you can put an eyelet through items that are thicker. She may not have them in all colors though. Sweet is in the middle. I buy some every time I am up there. You can't beat the price.


Anonymous said...

I think it is awesome!! I love the bright colors on the one side and the muted colors on the other. Amazing look! Fantastic job on it!

akatrix said...

So interesting that you did something totally different on the backside! You do think outside the box! I mean outside the FEAR! : ) Great idea!

Kim said...

I love it! Both sides! Recently I have been working in shades of off white, so I love the subtlety of that side, but then I love color too. I like the tape idea for the hinges too. Great work :)

wahm922 said...

Great houses! Glad I didn't see these before I sent in my house ATC's for the swap, I tend to fear my projects are not up to par but I guess we all do that, huh?

Thanks for sharing : )

Rosie said...

You made a great job of it Belinda... and the contrast between both front and back is really interesting! I know exactly what you mean about hating to cover up your great backgrounds... I'll be in the cell next door!

Dana Loffland said...

Love it, Belinda. I'm working on a (huge) Row House swap for TreasureArtTrends and this would have been fun to work with. My pages are 4x8", though.

I like the contrast in front/back!

Moonwillow said...

Hey B! Great job on the houses, I love them! also thank you for the info on where to get them. Remember the ABC's you did last Nov/Dec? I finally made something with them if you want to see, on my blog. Your blog is linked in the content. Thanks again! (((hugs))) and your blog is still awesome!