Monday, July 07, 2008

Still in Wisconsin Dells

We are going home today. I have had enough of waterparks. We are at Wilderness in the Dells. It is a huge waterpark resort with tons of indoor and outdoor waterparks. They even have a huge wave pool. Kids had a great time. I am so tired of always being wet. It was not as hot as I would have liked. Amazingly, the water was often warmer outside rather than in the indoor parks. The kids got to dig for gems and to go to a haunted house -the older one did. We played in the arcade and we ate bad food. We went to a place yesterday called Paul Bunyan's for a late lunch/early dinner. It was really a meat and potatoes place. I did not have anything else to eat the rest of the night. I did not eat a lot on this trip. I got a sinus infection right before the trip and that always affects my appetite. I was at the doctor's office the day before we left. I cannot believe how much crap we packed for this trip. It all fit into the trunk though.

I am sitting in the lobby right now checking my emails. I have to finish my instruction sheets for my workshops that are about two weeks away! Eeeeks! I also did a lot of sewing on my little quilties. I have not done so much hand sewing before. I worked with some seed beads, grid ribbon, and the Prima flowers. I read my book the first day and I was not motivated to work on my instruction sheets a lot. We watched movies while I did the sewing.

The rooms here are really nice. There are shuttle buses here but we walked everywhere except for downtown Dells. Everything is so expensive here. If you ever come here with the kids, bring your own drinks and snackies. You will save a fortune that way. I bought my son a snow cone type thing while we were swimming. A little cup was $5. I laughed.

Yes, my back is kinda sore from the wave pool, lugging my 5 yro around all over the water, and from going down the water slides with my son. I had a scary moment when I was with my daughter in the wave pool and a little boy pulled me down. I went under (bad for my ears right now) and saw him. I pulled him up onto a floatie. My scare for the decade.

I did find a really cool bug pendant at Paul Bunyan's after we ate. It is in a resin dome. There were a couple of cool ones there. Yes, you are probably laughting at me right now. I would actually wear it. My 6th graders this year will be greatly amused by it. I will scan it to show you after I get home.

I will be busy this week getting some projects started. I will have to get ready for CHA starting at the end of next week. I have my 3 mini-workshops right after that. Triple eeeks!!!

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