Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quiltie RR - green for June and yellow for July

Yeah, I messed up June because my dimensions were off. I just redid it and did the yellow one at the same time. I just finished doing the embellishments late last night. You might think that I put a lot of thought into these quiltie squares. I have to tell you that I have no idea what I will do until I am actually about to do it. I have not planned for any of the squares. I just know what color it will be ahead of time. I rummage through my fabric stash to find the right color. I just start machine sewing. I do the sandwich thing. I cut out the right size. Yes, I checked this time. I zigzag the edges so that people can sew the squares together later. I think about what will go on top right when I am doing it. Yes, it does seem like I have the eyelet and flower combo going on right now. I cannot guarantee that theme will be there throughout the RR.

I finally got the Big Bite to work properly without it smashing my eyelets. I am not able to do placement with it as well as the handheld crop-a-dile. Not complaining though, it really gets in there in the middle of whatever so I can punch a hole through it or do an eyelet.
I hope my RR partners like it.

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