Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dremel Sample - Sewing Box

I have to admit that this was an afterthought. I was dabbing on alcohol inks with the blending foam when I had extra alcohol inks on the foam. I was looking for things to dab so I wouldn't waste it. I have some claybord boxes that were just sitting there doing nothing. I did this right after I did the bangles (more to come about that later). I found out that the alcohol inks work well on wood as well. Not necessarily the unfinished wood with splinters in it but the DIY wood or wood-like finishes. Anyway, it worked great on the sides of the claybord.

After I dabbed the whole thing with alcohol inks, I put on some crackle paint in random areas. I let that dry and then used different distress ink colors on top of the crackle paint and on the alcohol inks to age it up a bit. The back of the claybord had writing on it, so I glued on some scrim that I got from the Quilting Arts website to the back of the box. I used my finger and dabbed on some gold paint in random areas to contrast against the dark sides.
I added the sewing elements to the box. I used the distress inks to make them look old and used. I used my Dremel and drilled holes in the top so I could attach the bobbins. The bobbins were also alcohol ink'd.
Yeah, I know that the scan is not so good. I could take a pict of it, but I am not feeling it right now. Maybe, I will do that later. I am groovin' on the final product though.


JeanM said...

Love how the sewing box came out. The crackle really helped age it.

Shea said...

I love the sewing box. Also, the more recent posts of your art are great, Your artwork seems to be moving in an awesome appealing direction,
You might just end up famous and forget all about blog land

Prpldy said...

This is awesome. Love it!