Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finished Paverpol mask

This one is from my scanner. Not much detail but pretty scary.

I took a little bit of time and finished the Paverpol mask that I blogged about earlier this week. I am thinking about mounting it to some background before hanging it up. I will just hang it up as is until I get around to doing it. Once the Paverpol dried, I used a combination of burnt umber and copper to get the white areas that I missed at the CHA make 'n take. I had to dab the areas underneath the cheesecloth where I still saw white areas. I just did a thin wash and it did not matter if the color matched exactly. I then took a small flat brush and swiped gold paint on the textured areas. I also used copper on areas that the gold was too bright. I just kept using gold and copper on the peaks until I got the contrast I wanted.

My kids absolutely love this mask. Even my dh thought it was really cool. My dh's usual comment about my art is "that's nice". Now, if I created comic book statues, then he would be all over that. That is a post for another day. I will need to have an art day where they can make this mask themselves.

Here is the original post with the unfinished mask and the Paverpol links:

Click on the link for a larger view. Comments are always welcome.

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