Tuesday, August 05, 2008

fabric paper revisited

no tissue paper
tissue papergold embossed with tissue paper - click on pict for larger view
no tissue paper
tissue paper

I have been making some this past week for some new projects. I found out during my workshop with Beryl that she uses different muslin that I did. Hers is much thinner and the white colored one. I was able to find that at Joann's. I did one side with tissue paper and the other without. I actually liked the side without better. It might be that my tissue paper was not thin enough. It makes quite a difference when I make it with gaps in the paper - where I see fabric instead of overlapping like I did before. The texture is a lot thinner and easier to work with. It is all in Beryl's book. I so need to read instructions more carefully. Yeah, that'll happen. I did 4 separate colors. I also embossed on a couple of the sheets on the side with tissue. I also did some stamping on there with black StazOn.
I am working on a top secret project for Kelli Perkins. I might post a peek here and there.


inge said...

hello Belinda,

thanks for your photos and the explanation on the fabricpaper. I'm going to try this out myself !

Inge from Belgium

Kelli Nina Perkins said...

I will be sure NOT to tell Kelli about the secret. Shhhhhh......
Gorgeous cloth/paper. Yummy colors.