Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Source for Creative Options stuff

I so love their storage stuff. I was price shopping the side-by -side tote. That would be perfect for me since I like to doodle. I like the zippered compartments. I could put all my funky markers in one pocket and toss in my doodle journal. I always end up waiting at the doctor's office or at soccer practice with nothing to do. I would have my stuff with me all the time. The middle section would be for my personal stuff. So far, I found that this site has the best price:

You might also look at Joann's, Meijer's, and Archivers. I think that Target might carry Creative Options, too. Just passing this along.

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Anonymous said...

The side by side tote is very nice and looks sturdy. I received a soft plastic travel/make up bag thingy for Christmas one year that was styled similar, maybe as large, and it was perfect for a art travel bag for a while. 2 dif. sides with a few pockets to put my supplies in and the middle section held my journal. Thanks for the link!