Sunday, August 31, 2008

Life update

I was not feeling well yesterday and spent most of the afternoon sleeping. I think I am overtired from school and soccer. It might be that I am catching some bug. Feeling a tad better today. No art yet today. I have not felt inspired lately. Zachary did win all 3 of this games in his soccer tournament by pretty big margins. Tomorrow is the playoff game for first place. 4 games in 3 days is a lot. I am getting something done though. I am working on my piece for Kelli Perkins and am making a lot of progress. My initial thoughts on the project are out the door. What I have done is entirely different than what I thought I would do. How often does that happen to me? Almost always! I was going to mail a bunch of things yesterday but our post offices closed at noon yesterday. I will need to wait until Tuesday. I got NO mail yesterday. How odd it that? I never not get mail. I spent some time and updated all the iPods that I have. I gave one to my son and let my daughter play with one of the other ones. I did read two books so far this weekend. When I feel ill, I sleep and read, read and sleep, and sleep. Gotta go embellish Kelli's piece now. Still making it up as I go along. Maybe, I will scan and share the final piece. I just have to remember to do it.

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scrappinkaren said...

Feel better soon. I hope you can finish the piece for Kelli today. Please post a pic to share your artistic talents with us, as you are so creative and gifted.