Sunday, August 31, 2008

Way too yummy

I am the first to admit that I love instant gratification. I do things quickly partially due that trait. Also, things usually turn out better for me when I work intuitively instead of thinking about it too much. Back to yummy, I have chocolate once in awhile (preferable dark compared to white or milk chocolate). I will eat a good candy bar like a Reese's peanut butter cup, Snickers, or a Chunky. I don't HAVE to have it though. I do sometimes "have to have" chocolate cake. I have discovered the Betty Crocker Warm Delights. They are little microwaveable cakes with molten chocolate or raspberry topping. They are mini portions for people watching their weight. Yeah, I don't really pay attention to that. I love the molten chocolate and raspberry flavors. Add slices of fresh strawberries and I am in heaven. It is so moist. I hate dry cake. Since I don't like frosting, it is perfect for me. Today, I microwaved both the molten chocolate and raspberry flavors in separate cups. When it was done, I dumped the raspberry one on top of the chocolate one. It was wayyyyy yummy. Just thought I would share and make your mouth water ever so slightly.

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