Friday, August 01, 2008

My new swaps

I am hosting two swaps and that will be it for the rest of this year. I am trying to host and participate in fewer swaps. I am doing more art that I really want to do and that leaves me with a lot less time for swaps. My other life is also getting to be busier as the kids get older.

One swap is in the Ask Suze group. We are going to be swapping pendants. It is a 3-for-3 swap where you have to use at least 3 of the Tim Holtz Idea-ology items on the pendant. Anything else is extra and is welcome to be used.

Second swap is in the Mixed Media Art Friends - a skinny book. It is 25-for-25 pages. I am not binding it or doing the covers. I am just swapping out the pages. Each swapper can bind and do the cover pages themselves. There are 4 categories: color, words/quotes, fabric, and technique.

If you want to play in my swaps, then you will have to join that specific group and sign-up. Links to the groups are in the right column.

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