Sunday, August 24, 2008

Silkscreened Fabric

Here are some of the background that I did today. Mostly, these are scrap pieces that I got from other people. We traded stuff with each other. The trick is to hold the fabric still while doing the actual squeegee'ing. I used some clips to hold down the fabric and stencil onto a large piece of particle board. You can read my observations a couple of posts down. The next post shows you what the actual stencils look like when I was done.


Carol said...

Way cool stencils. I love the color variations you achieved. The bright ones are my favorites.

Michelle said...

love love LOVE the numbers! These are great, Belinda, thanks for sharing all the details of your experience, will definitely have to try this!

purplepaint said...

These are awesome! I love this group of colors! Hey, just got my CPS and your puffy hearts are in it! Congratulations! Are you a regular for them now? :D Marva