Sunday, September 07, 2008

Elizabeth's purple quiltie square for ME!

This is my quiltie square for the month with the color theme - purple. It is soooo great looking in real life. I am going to have such a cool quilt when it is all done at the end of this year. Yeah, I could get started on the quilt now, but I think I will wait. I cannot see the composition in my mind without all the pieces. Elizabeth is a very talented textile artist. I consider myself a total newbie compared to the stuff she creates. She actually knows what she is doing when it comes to sewing. I make it up as I go along. BTW, I just stuck my finger again while sewing. No, I cannot use any type of thimble. Don't like losing any tactile sensations while working.

I had to get used to the lack of concrete focal points in fabric/quilt art. I was so used to having a person or thing as a focal point. Now, I hardly ever use my collage image sheets. I am still more literal in my focal image but I have a tendency to make my own image or use a found object. I so love the colors in this little quiltie. I could do a whole design composition lesson just with this quilt square.

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