Sunday, September 07, 2008

skybluepink Bind-it-all sale clarification

There has been some talk in the Yahoo groups about the Bind-it-all. I wanted to post this so that we get the straight scoop.

This is from the newsletter that I get:

BIA 1.0 VS. BIA 2.0The Royal Board for Customer Enquiry Fulfillment (RBCEF) hastreported onto the Queen that customers are curious about the statusof the blue Zutter Bind-It-All (BIA) machines, vis-à-vis the new pinkversion 2.0 BIAs. HRH has issued a Royal Proclamation in response.We have been in conference with Lord Christopher from ZutterInnovative this week. He graciously answered Our questions about thetwo BIA versions:"In regards to the version 1.0 and version 2.0 Bind it All machine, wedo intend to continue selling the version 1.0 for quite some time. Both ofthe machines are geared towards different buyers. The V 1 is an easy touse quick binder (for the occasional scrapper). The V 2 helps when alarge amount of the same size needs to be punched (with the newadjustments) however is also geared toward someone looking for moreadjustability, features etc."The Royal Acquisitions Department (RAD) would like to add that thenew BIA is a bit more expensive at $75, whilst the trusty blue one is$65. All the sky blue accessories will be copied into pink versions.The Queen and Lady Belinda were both relieved to hear that thegorgeous sky blue BIA would continue, as neither of them is very fondof pink. Unless it's SkyBluePink! Lady Belinda finds her BIA so usefulfor teaching grade school that she bought a second one to keep in herclassroom, and the Queen personally delivered it onto her during theSummer CHA tradeshow.Our shipping special was dreamed up months ago during discussionswith Lady Belinda about a skinny book pages swap that she is hosting.We all thought it would be a great way for people to discover how easyand fun it is to make books with the BIA. The Queen would like tosquash the ugly rumor that we are trying to dispose of outdatedmerchandise. We do not stock a lot of Zutter items in the Palace, due tothe enormous number of choices that exist. There are 84 differentpackages of O-Wires!We hope that answers any questions or lingering doubts thou mighthave about purchasing the trusty blue BIA during our shipping sale.Let's make September Bind-It-All Month, in celebration of HRH'sSeptember birthday! More BIA information is available from Zutter:

FREE SHIPPING EXTRAVAGANZA 2As announced in these pages last week, any order of $65 or more fromthe Zutter page will get free shipping up to $15, domestic orinternational. Today Queen Xina has decided to add another option tothis sale: Purchases of $35 - $64.99 will get thee a shipping credit of$7.50. During a chat with Lady Belinda, we realized that many peoplealready have BIAs and don't wish to purchase $65 worth of O-Wires,covers, etc. So this is a smaller offer for smaller purchases!For all the details, please see the Zutter page.

If you want to know about their weekly special deals just for newsletter subscribers, then sub while you are at their site. I don't get anything for this. I buy things from just like all of you do. I know that people are watching their pennies. I figure that if you already have the Bind-it-all, then the special on the accessories might help out a little bit.

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