Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sam and her monster

I made this monster yesterday. Sam liked it and claimed it for herself. She just lost her front tooth yesterday and I had to get a picture of her toothless smile. Notice the black, felt monster she is holding. That is Hammerhead. She will rename it something girly. My son, who will not be left out, designed his own monster and I will be making that for him later on today. He is not old enough yet to sew on his own. Hmmm. I am still thinking about it. He might give it a go himself since he really wants to. We'll see.

Hammerhead was really easy to make. I recently bought yards and yards of felt in different colors from Joann's with my coupon. I cut both sides of the monster out at the same time. I just freehanded it. I thought up the shape as I was cutting. The only thing you really need to think about is making sure an area is not too narrow that you can't get into it to stuff it. If you are incorporating parts that are more narrow like limbs and a neck - make them a little wider than narrower. Otherwise, you will have a hard time getting the stuffing into the smaller nooks and crannies. You can choose to sew it inside out and then turn it rightside out before stuffing. You can also just use a zigzag stitch and sew it right side out. Leave an opening large enough for your hand to fit in so you can stuff it with polyfil. You will need more than less. Even if you overstuff, you will have a little bit of open area by your opening that you will stitch closed. You can sew on the face or whatever embellishments before sewing or after you stuff it. I chose to do it after I stuffed it but next time, I might try it the other way. Sewing and then sewing the monster together might be easier.

The huge-o buttons are available at Joann's. I saw them for $9.99 for a bag of the huge buttons. That is when you can use your coupon. The other "X" eye is just embroidery floss. The mouth and teeth are just different colored felt. I hand sewed it using a diagonal stitch. You can click on the picture to see a closer view.

Just thought I would share. A little one in your life might like one of these.

Hammerhead is #1 in my series of Booglies.


Evelyn A said...

Good mom! Darling monster for a darling little toothless girl!

Sandy said...

Sam looks like she is loving her monster. She is growing a bit. Her face is changing- maybe that's what missing teeth are about. We let our students sew their monsters when they were in the third grade. The sewing machine is pretty safe if you guide them the first time with warnings about the needle. It may not look so great on the inside before turning, but will hold together.

Anonymous said...

These are so cool. I guess the apples don't fall far from the tree!! Your children are so cute. Lovewhat they did. JoAnn R