Saturday, September 27, 2008

WIP technique

I posted last week a technique that I was playing with that had the skull on it. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet. It is a really good background technique.

You will need some muslin, text paper, glue or gel medium, acrylic paint, brayer, alcohol inks, dark colored Distress Inks pads, and some white gesso.

1. lay the piece of muslin on a flat surface. Glue down the text or other bold paper with text, patterns, whatever. I like the text paper. You should overlap. You can leave some bare places on the muslin.

2. Once the paper has dried, take some acrylic paint and/or fluid acrylics in burnt umber, sienna, yellow oxide, and spread on a paper plate in long strips. You can leave a little room between each strip. The strip of paint going down should be going up and down. Your brayer will go up and down the plate to pick up the paint. You might want to use a piece of scrap paper and brayer on that first to get the gunk off the brayer before doing it on the muslin. The idea is to get a thin layer of several colors on the muslin. You should go in different directions on the muslin to get a randomness to the background. Take the excess paint and brayer the bare areas so the entire background is covered in paint.

3. You should be able to see the text through most of the paint. If your paint is too thick, use a damp cloth, and go over the area to remove some of the paint.

4. Take the alcohol ink and squirt is randomly on the texted muslin. Brayer over that to spread the alcohol ink. I used green.

5. On the same plate that you used for the acrylic paint, squirt a strip of gesso. Get some on the brayer. You only want a bit on there. Go over your background in random areas. Let dry completely.

6. Use a piece of foam or your finger and outline the edges of the text pages on background with a dark colored Distress ink. It a great contrast. Do not do this step until the paint has dried or the text page will begin to lift up. Let dry completely.

7. Technique done. Use in its entirety or cut up.

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