Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trinkets from Bead Show

There was a Bead Show in Naperville by my house last Sunday. I popped in, browsed quickly, and left. I did not buy much but I got some cool stuff while I was there. I put the cards in the scan so I don't have to do the links. Just click on the pict for a larger view.

Last nite, I felt the need to assemble. So, I put together a little found glass bracelet and bottle cap choker. The puffy bottly caps are a little pricey so I only bought a few. I can probably do it for myself but thought about where I would really do it or not. The answer was a resounding "NO!". They are pretty cool. The choker is put together with some beads, black rubber cord, and some basic wire wrapping.

I really like the bracelet. I just used some black rubber cord with some beads. I love those little glass beads. They were just the right. I could fit both parts of the cord into the bead hole. I also stuck in some of the loose beads that I have not used yet. I went on and they did not show the little beads on there except for the little tube ones. If you are interested in them, then email her and link to my pict. She will know what you are talking about. The glass garden site had the bottle cap beads on there.

I get my rubber cord from eBay:
I also have gotten some bead chain and silicone cord necklaces from there. The silicone cord necklaces were for my daughter's cheerleading. They are great. They have snap enclosures so you don't have to attach anything. Don't forget the connectors or crimps for the other stuff! This seller is really reasonable and ships quickly. If you teach (like I do), the silicone cords are great as rewards or as part of a craft project for the holidays/birthday/rewards.

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