Monday, October 06, 2008

Book Review: Taking Flight to give your creative spirit wings

This book is by Kelly Rae Roberts. I love this book even though I don't draw the women. Can't draw much of anything except monsters. She does have some good techniques in it. There are sections to help with your creativity. What I love are the backgrounds and the pieces of clothing and body parts. I can always do something else besides the faces. She gives me a lot of ideas for great backgrounds. Love the richness of the colors. The techniques are not hard. They are very easy to understand. They might give you an idea or two of your own.

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Altered Route said...

I sure like this book too. The first one I tried (Faces), I wasn't too crazy about, but the process was great. The second one I did in reverse..with her back showing and I have a list of other none faces I want to try. I love how her guests in the book show their take and how she uses their techniques in her work...guess that is what it is all about, useing bits of styles and tecniques to make what we feel challenging in our own work.