Monday, October 06, 2008

How the economy has hit me

I am sitting here watching CSI Miami while trying to type one of my papers for my reading cohort. I am taking a break during the show so I know what is going on. I cannot believe the state of our country. Most of you know that I am a technique junkie. I like to try new things. I may like it and keep doing it or I might not. I sometimes like something but only enough to do it a couple of times. Recently, I had gotten an email about a local place having some metalsmithing and PMC classes. I have been wanting to try a beginner PMC class to see if I like doing it. It would go well with my love for assembling stuff to make art jewelry. I thought about it until I saw the price of the workshop. I thought beyond the workshop. I thought about the price of the silver clay. I thought about maybe needing a kiln even though a torch would probably work. It ended up being too expensive for me to consider right now. Daughter's birthday around the corner, son's birthday in a couple of months, and Xmas around the corner. Hate it when I am not selfish. Cannot treat myself when things are tight all over. I know that workshops and stamper/art stores must be feeling the pinch right now. The CSI Miami episode tonight is really good!

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inge said...

hello Belinda,

you must be pissed off not to be able to follow the course you would like, but don't let it get you down. Other things will come your way and here in Belgium we too feel the consequences on the bankcrisis..

Kids are eating my ears of my head, so they are my first concern..:)
I'll try not to buy any artsuppies in the coming month...and use and recycle what I already have... and I don't have to complain about that...