Monday, October 20, 2008

Making more stencils

I got a burst of energy on Saturday and created some more stencils using the PhotoEZ stuff. It was so easy and fun! I put some paper down on the ping pong table so they could dry. I used my iPhone to take the picts. Some of them are blurry because I was standing on the couch to get a better angle on the picts. Yeah, unsteady hands when toppling off the couch. I drew the little fish skeleton and heads myself. It was quite fun. That was the extend of my art self this weekend. I did make a few art necklaces to be sent out to other people. That only took a little while though. I did sit and see a couple of totally horrible movies. I am still feeling a bit under the weather. The sinuses are still wonky. DH got sick and then my 5yro daughter. So, I got a bit of that with what I already had. Now, about half of kids in class are coughing all over the place. I can't win!


Stephanie said...

Hi - Any chance of having instructions posted and where you get the PhotoEZ and other tools you use to make? thanks. Stephanie

llb said...

I love these samples! Would love to try it out sometime. By the way, I really appreciate all your book reviews. The bookstores don't always have the books and I like to browse before ordering. Your reviews are very helpful !