Monday, October 13, 2008

Watercolor Madness

Just some watercolor eye candy. Comments welcome.


Stephanie said...

Fab!! Stephanie

Sandy said...

Well, somebody's been having fun! The fish are fun. What are they? I really like the mosaic too. Did you make all of the houses or was that a swap?

Dianne said...

I love watercolors...the brightness, they have a purity...very nice!

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Beautiful colours!!

Purrplekatt said...

Love your watercolors! Watercolors are my favorite media. If I had an ounce of your talent I'd be happy!

nkjohnston said...

Love your blog and just realized I could subscribe. Yey, fun.
Met you at Chicago quilt show, and have followed alot of your postings since. Got a bunch of ball chain bracelets from an order after the show.
But, main reason I'm commenting at this time is I'm going through Chicago up to Cedarburg, WI for a journaling class on Saturday. Will have all day Friday pretty much to roam around and wondered if there is any place around Chicago or north that you would recommend I go visit. I'm thoroughly entranced currently with journaling, fiber doodling similar to Teesha Moore's work, water color craons, ATC's, round-robin altered projects, etc. Pretty much like anything with fiber, beads and collage.
No problem if you don't have time to respond or if you can't think of any place special at the moment. I do a lot of on-line shopping and grazing at blogs and art anyway for my daily fixes.
Thanks again for sharing your daily endeavors and reviews of books, techniques, etc. I really appreciate the time taken and all your info. It's almost as good as doing it myself.

Nancy in Lansing, MI

Judiwithaneye00 said...

What fun, Belinda! Now I have to go hit the watercolor pencils and play. Did you use W/C paints, crayons or pencils or a combo. Your stuff is pretty cool!

Judi Foster