Sunday, November 23, 2008

Postcards for my 6th graders, Plz!

Hi. Some of you don't know that I am a 6th grade teacher. I teach in a very high poverty area right near Chicago. My students are 99% hispanic. I only have 4 kids this year that are NOT on free or reduced lunch. Anyway, what I thought would be great is if my class could get some post cards. I don't care if they are art postcards or the ones you buy from the drugstore. Some of my kids get next to nothing. They would be thrilled. You don't have to put your full address down, just the city, state, and country (if not US). If you do put down your full address. I will have one of my kids make up their own postcard, and I will send one back to you. If I get enough from all of you, I will let them each have one. I will also use it a geography lesson. I will use a black sharpie and black out your address before giving any of them to my students. I am very sensitive to privacy issues. We will plot where each postcards come from on a map that I think I will have them do themselves! Ooh, I like that!

Thanks for making my kids feel special!

Plz send the postcards to:
Belinda Spiwak - Room 302
Lincoln School
3545 S. 61st Avenue
Cicero, IL 60804


Dianne said...

Belinda-count me in...I will send at least 2 postcards to your class...hope they enjoy them. one will be an art postcard, and maybe one historical about our area in Ohio...this sounds like a great project for your kids! appreciate your awareness of privacy issues, too...

Judiwithaneye00 said...

Belinda, I have thought this many times and decided it was time to say it. You are a wonderful and caring teacher. I know that sounds a little lame, but I don't know how else to say it. You have to be a special person to be a good teacher these days. I have a friend who tells me just how things are in schools in impoverished areas....the funding is horrible and the teachers (some) try to make up for it. You have to get pretty creative sometimes. You have to have the soul of a teacher to be an excellent teacher in today's world. To even take a position in a poor area requires guts. To actually teach takes something way above and beyond a many roadblocks. I believe with all my heart the teaching is one of the most important jobs on earth - and one of the most difficult to be truly successful at. I read some of the things you write and I have the heart (and the guts) it takes to be a teacher in this rough world today. Kudos to you, my friend.

Judi Foster

christina d said...

You're getting a couple from me. One a state one and one home-crafted. What a wonderful thing you are doing for your students!!

Purrplekatt said...

I'd love to send one to your class! What a great idea. Is there anything specific it's for other than a geography lesson?

Sandy said...

When do you need these? Is there a deadline?

2smart said...

A friend passed your request for postcards to me,I will send some ASAP. I am off to visit my daughter and her family in Holland for a week on Sunday so may not get the chance to send some before I go but will try to send some from Holland to add to your map. Enjoyed my first visit to your blog. I started my first one last week Sheila