Saturday, November 15, 2008

UHU Challenge

I hve not worked on paper for awhile now. I have been doing a lot with fabrics. I have even started knitting winter scarves again.

Getting business out of the way, this is from the UHU challenge from this website: . The artist who issued the challenge was Elizabeth Kertz, friend and owner of ABC-alteredbookclub Yahoo group. is her blog. The applicator is really handy. It has a narrow and wide opening for whatever you are doing. The magazine pages did crumple a little but they stayed down. I could always use a brayer and even out the pages as they dry. What I really liked about this glue is that my text and pictures stayed glued down even though my background was coarser watercolor paper texture. Even better was that my fingers were not gummy or tacky from the glue. I did get a nice think shiny layer on my fingers but that washed right off. I don't like some of the liquid glues because they make my fingers tacky and I can't do anything unless I wash my hands. Would I buy this glue? Yes, I definitely would . It touts that it does not get damaged by freezing. It should work on paper, cardboard, wood, felt, fabric, cork, metal, and plastics. I will have to try that out soon.

I did this on a huge handmade journal that I have been working on for awhile now. I fill up a page or two when I get some time.

magazine pictures with people's heads cut into square or rectangles
words cut from magazines
book text but into squares, rectangles, and strips
black sharpie
UHU all purpose twist and glue - comes in a yello bottle
green gold, transparent yellow oxide, little bit of burnt umber, and interference blue fluid
paper towels
alcohol inks
distress ink pad in frayed burlap
Coffeebreak Design stencil
black Stazon
distress stickles
round cap or something round and small for the circles

1. On your substrate, use the UHU glue and glue on layers of magazine pictures and text. They should overlap somewhat. The composition is up to you. You can use more text and just a magazine pict or two.
2. Cut out words from the magazines and glue the the word with UHU over the the person's mouth in the pict.
3. Let dry completely. Make sure your edges are glued down. Use the sharpie and randomly write all over the page.
4. Put some of the fluid acrylics on a paper plate. Have some damp paper towels by your side. Take the brayer and get some color on it. Use the brayer on the picts and text. Give it a nice, thin layer. Use the paper towels and lighten up areas that you want to highlight.
5. Use the distress pad and do the edges of the page and edges of each picture.
6. Take the stickles and outline the edges of the magazine picts.
7. Take a bit of the interference blue fluid acrylic and dip the circle in it. Randomly, make circles on the page.
8. Let dry.
9. Take the stencil and use a piece of foam and dab the StazOn inside the stencil to create the little girl image. Let dry.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...


This is amazing. Not only is the artwork colorful, your instructions are detailed and understandable.

Thank you so much for taking my UHU glue challenge. You did an excellent job.

I have added a link to this post on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Belinda - I love these. The depth is fabulous and the colors are wonderful. Thank you for writing up the tutorial - glad to read you are doing some more paper art. Please post pics of your winter scarves too. Hugs.

Evelyn A said...

Definitely interesting pieces of art!