Friday, November 07, 2008

Question for all of you out there?

When was the last time you created something very personal for yourself? Something with special meaning that you would hold onto forever and not sell or give away? How much time did it take? Why did you decide to do it? How did you feel when you were done? Do have it in a special place or do you carry it around with you?

Just wondering. Some food for thought. Feel free to post a comment.


Sharon said...

I was making quilts for everyone and their brother, or so it seemed! And decided to finally make one for myself. Made of reds, greens, and purples with hearts and stars. Once finished it was called "Mom's Quilt" by my children and was "respected" in a way. The kids would grab their own quilts to snuggle under and mine was left on the back of a rocking chair in the living room for my use. But as the years passed the quilt is now grabbed by anyone, which is fine. But it still is called "Mom's Quilt" and remains one of my favorites.

Purrplekatt said...

I was in a mentally abusive relationship with a man who had a 9 year old daughter. I had to leave him, but it took me about a year to finally do it because I loved her so much (as well as our dog and 2 cats). Anyway, I made a little shrine for her. I used a .99 cent wooden box put her picture in it, painted it and decorated it with all her favorite things. I'd never sell it, and I keep it in my art room. 4 years later and a new life, and I still look at it all the time. It only took me about a week or so to make it. It was very theraputic though! I've done a couple more since, but love hers the most.

Debbie_in_NM said...

I made a shadow box "In Case of Emergency" It has a single shot of Jose Cuervo Especial (use to be my drink - I don't drink anymore), A single Cigarette, and two white circles with Aspirin written on them. I stamped on the glass In case of emergency, break seal. I was having a particularly bad day. It made me laugh. So I keep it on my dresser to remind me things do get better.

Debbie (New Mexico)

Sharon said...

I made myself a prayer pouch. It can also be considered an affirmation pouch or intention pouch. I inserted a handwritten message inside.

Here is my blogpost:

QueenPam said...

I made myself some special cups. I had a great piece of paper that I could not bear to use to give away. So I made it into a cup and that way I can keep it and enjoy it at the same time. I use this cup to drink from while I create art! It only took me a day. I liked it so well I created another one with some fabric I was hoarding too. They are on my blog. QP

Jan said...

Hi, the last personal item I made is a journal that is about all the dogs I have had including my childhood dogs. It is up to 17 dogs now, I have left a couple blank pages at the end for future dogs. It sits in my studio, not in a special spot. I don't carry it around. How much time did it take? I didn't keep track, maybe a couple months of working off and on. It's not really finished. I just wanted a fun memorial to all my dog friends.

I check in on your blog regularly, really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing with us.