Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update on Life

Sorry, have not updated blog in awhile. I have been doing a bit here and there. I have been making some art jewelry gifties. I will scan and put on blog before I send out. I have swapped out the skinny book pages. I did the fabric book pages. They turned out great. I did some more fabric screening. I need to send some out to people. I will do that over the weekend. I have not forgotten about anyone. It has just been crazy busy.

I have spent this past week buying, cutting, sewing, tying, stuffing, and sewing, fleece blankets and pillows for local veterans. We did a fundraiser at school for Veteran's Day. With that money, I bought bolts of fleece. I cut the bolts into 1 yard pieces. Lots of pieces cut the edges into strips to tie into knots - including me. I took the short ends and turned them into throw pillows. My 6th graders and I stuffed them befored I sewed them shut. I won't be sewing anything for a couple of days. They turned out really well. Crazy nuts but well worth the effort.

Another snowstorm in the midwest right now. I am waiting to see if I am going to have school tomorrow. It will be my last day before winter break. I would rather have school tomorrow than have a day tacked on the last day of June. We had a snowstorm last Tuesday. I left right after school. I drove my dh's car. I started up the car. I did NOT lock the door but closed it. I made sure of it. I did not know that they automatically lock after a certain amount of time. Well, I got locked out with the engine running. I had to wait for two hours to get a police tow truck to come and give me a lock-out ( open my door). Thanks so much! It took me another two and a half hours to get home with the snowy weather. I was entirely stress. I actually felt anxious the next day.

Yes, it is sleeting outside now. I can hear it hitting the outside of my house. I just know that my kids will not have school tomorrow. Their school district actually has snow days. They have done it in the past. It is also their last day before break tomorrow. In my six years in Cicero, I have not had a snow day yet. Odds are that I will not. It is good that I have a 4 wheel drive SUV. I will have to leave awfully early in the morning. I won't even tell you how early because you will be still be in deep REM sleep.

What will I be doing over winter break? I will be doing some stuff for Staedtler. I will working on some was stuff. I will finish up on some tote bag art stuff. I have some art jewelry gifties that I have to send out. I need to mail out screen printed fabric to some other artists. I want to start on some art pin cushions. I will start the pin cushions, if I get the time. Yeah, that'll happen.

Happy Holidays, everyone! I know that this year has been hard on a lot of people. The economy has been hard for a lot of people. I wish everyone well. Hope your 2009 is better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda-

I do believe you are the hardest working artist in the universe!!

An FYI for bolts of fleece: Jo-Ann's puts marked down bolts of fleece in their clearance section for as low as $4 a yard. I usually buy it when they put their clearance section on sale for 50% off. Can't beat those savings!

Merry Christmas!!

eclectic works said...

Staedtler is the company that makes great markers, pens and such, right?
I love their pens!! I look forward to seeing the stuff you make for them! :)


Genie said...

Happy Christmas Belinda and family and best wishes for a happier 2009