Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

It has been incredibly cold outside for the last couple of days. It has been below zero without the wind chill. I have not stepped outside today. Thank goodness I made some chicken soup soup yesterday. I made a huge pot of it, so the kids and I have been dipping into it.

The super nasty weather started last week. We have been getting tons of snow and ice since last week. We also got in a bit of thunder and lightening at the same time. It was incredibly nasty last Tuesday. I left school right when the bell rang. I started up the car and closed the door to clean off the snow. I was driving my dh's car and did not know that it automatically locks within a certain time - even when it is not in drive. I always make certain the door is unlocked before closing it. Long story short, it took two hours for the police tow truck to come and do a lock-out - unlock my car door. It took another two and a half hours for me to drive home in the bad weather. My dh did not understand why I was still feeling anxiety the next morning.

The bad weather continued throughout last week. We had ice and snow storms early Friday morning. I left before 6 am on Friday so I could get to school on time. My kids got a snow day. I have not had a snow day in Cicero in the 6 years that I have been there. I wanted to be there the last day before winter break. I still cannot believe how frigid it it outside. My car complains every time I try to start her up.

I hope that everyone is coping with the ugly weather outside. I am done Xmas shopping except for the kids' stocking stuffers. I will venture out later on today and do that. I spent the morning finishing up my very cute mitten pin cushions. I had done the actual sewing and stuffing this weekend. I was doing the sequins, buttons, and beading this morning. They are little gifties for some people. I am done with my hammered wire necklaces. I am done with those for awhile. Not wanting to see those again for a bit. Now, I have to work on my stuff for a couple of companies and mail my screenprinted fabric out to people. Busy, busy, busy. Need to go and mediate my fighting children. I think I will go and mull some cider instead.

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