Friday, January 30, 2009

Charm swap sign-up ends Sunday

This is one of my favorite charm bracelets. It has charms that Harriet made for me. They are the very cute round beads and the square/tube beads on there. The rest are my charms and found objects. Here is the link to join the group. The details are in the File section under Swaps. The sign-ups are in the database. You only have to commit to 5 charms at the very least. It is 5 for 5 with various categories.

Don't forget that is having a sale on their charm stuff in honor of my charm swap and the charm swap that Cloth Paper Scissors is having. You can find the page here. You can find a lot of fun stuff for charms on this website. I also get my domino art stuff from here. I am also a punchinella princess. You can find some of my punchinella artwork from my early days in her gallery. I hear that punchinella is a big thing now overseas.
Charm swap sign-ups end tomorrow - Sunday!

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Sandy said...

Hey, you are awfully quiet. Hope you are feeling well. Am off to Vegas this weekend. Will send you all some warm air.