Thursday, January 29, 2009

What are your 3 favorite/inspirational words?

Cate Prato recently had on her blog a contest about what your 3 favorite words were that you have ever heard like:

"You've lost weight!"

Mine are from my daughter - Be you, Momma!

From my son - "Love you, Mom" (never tire of hearing that from my oldest, mommy thing)

The FOUR words I will never tire of hearing are "Oh! I GET it!"

You get the idea.

What are your 3 inspirational words to live by? Leave me a comment.


Ginny Gaskill said...

My favorite is from a Tony Robbins seminar "LIVE WITH PASSION!"

LindaSue said...

Love you mom!! I hear it from my daughter whenever we talk. It is the most special moments for me.

Just got my Cloth Paper Scissors. Love your article. I had made a comment before. I am the ex Chicago person.

MarionL said...

Compassion, kindness and love.

Sandy said...

3 favorite words: Honey, I'm home!
Last favorite 3: What's for dinner?

cookievf said...

Enjoying my first visit to your blog! Great stuff!

it's an overused phrase but there's so much talk - talk - talk (including me!) so a good one to get your juices flowing is:

"just do it"

- vicki xo