Sunday, February 15, 2009

Puffy Collage Hearts on Wood Blocks

Yeah, I need to work on the title. Not my forte. I love how they look though. You would not believe how easy they were to make. It is all in how you put it together. You can click on the pict to get a larger view. You cannot tell in the pict but the hearts are puffy in real life. That is wayyy kewl! Hopefully, they will get accepted for MIU. Keep your piggies crossed for me. It is not easy to try and make they look fantabulous and easy to make in an hour. I need them to dry quickly so we can get them done without having to use a lot of heat guns. I don't want them to walk around with wet art.


Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda, these are really cute. So, did you "layer" paints to get the puffy look or did you use actual puff paint? Or something else? Inquiring minds want to know!

Possible name: Puffed HeARTs

Good luck getting into MIU!!


postal orphan said...

Very cool - I especially love the second one. The backgrounds are gorgeous - is that painted muslin attached to a wood block? Hope your project gets accepted - I know I would sign up if I were at the Chicago festival (or if you were teaching in Houston in the fall)!

Marrianna said...

These are so vibrant and wonderful. Good luck with them. As always, your work is fantabulous.

Sandy Hillis said...

Belinda, all your hearts are great! I love the colors and the texture. I don't want to appear stupid but what is MIU? I'm sure you'll be accepted!
Sandy Hillis

Jan C. said...

If these don't get chosen they are nuts. They are wonderful!!

Sometimes (very rarely and especially this time of year) I wish I still lived in Cedarburg, WI as then I could attend the big
quilt show in Chicago. When I was living there (9 years ago) I had to go to Houston to see it. Seems
since I moved to Phoenix so many neat things have come to the midwest.

This weekend we're (DH and I) are off to San Diego to see Visions. I
used to fly there from WI to see that also.

Love all you're doing.

Jan in AZ

I understand I'll be seeing you at AU this August.

Sandy said...

I think these would be great for MIU. How about blocked hearts for a title or hearts on wood as a title?

Anonymous said...

Love those bright colors and the small details like the buttons and foreign text!

jane eileen said...

I love the bright colors. I think this is a great followup to the puffy hearts in the magazine. One of my yahoo groups did a puffy heart swap, and I was pleasantly surprised with some beautiful work. Thanks for the inspiration.