Monday, February 16, 2009

Some of my favorite things

You can't buy these wood flourishes directly from Kaiser Craft but you can get them online or from scrapbook stores. They are a lot of fun. You can use them as stencil or glue them directly on your artwork. I use them as stencils for my silkscreening, too. They work great with hot wax from Kandi Corp. You can see what they look like at

I use Golden's gel medium all the time for all sorts of things. Not too, too long ago, I found out that Dick Blick has their own version of gel medium in a tube. It is not as thick as Golden's and it works great as a glue. It is a bit more liquid-y and it spreads easier with a paint brush. It is cheaper, too. I use it all the time instead of Golden's when I want to glue down my backgrounds when my liquid glue will not do. Just thought I would share that.

Will continue at a later date. Need to go and make waffles for the kids right now.

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