Thursday, March 26, 2009

Possible Luminarte substitute for Twinkling H2Os

I use the stuff all the time. I am so sad that they are going out of business. There were posts going all around certain Yahoo groups yesterday about a possible substitute for them: Niji pearescent watercolor palettes. They are from Yasutomo. I have not tried them out yet. I have them on order right now. I will report back once I have tried them. They are very reasonably priced.

Anyway, the reason I am blogging is because I have found them and they are ON SALE right now! I have to tell you the story before I get ready for school. I was ordering stuff for the Quilt Festival yesterday from skybluepink. I needed to get the teeny buttons, a house book, and some other stuff from them. I was surfing their site to make sure I didn't need anything else. I figured that I might as well pay the mailing costs once. Well, I came across these watercolor paints. Talk about serendipity, luck, or whatever they would call it. I emailed her and told her all about what was happening in the Yahoo groups. She emailed me back and told me that she would put them on sale on my page. BTW, she still has charms on sale in honor of my charm swap (sorry, closed) and the Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine charm swap on that page still going on!

Here is the link:

You have to know that I don't get anything for this at all. I don't get anything free nor do I get any discounts. I pay for everything just like everyone else. This is just a sale that is a great deal for everyone. I have been buying from skybluepink for years. I started buying from her when I first started doing art when I was stamping and doing domino art in a heavy way. Tim Holtz links to skybluepink on his website. Just thought I would throw that in. Haven't had my coffee yet. Need to go and get ready for school now. Have to do my spelling bee this morning. Will need to get the extra-large cup.

If you order the watercolors, come back and tell me how you like them. I will post once I get them and try them out. Later days!


Carolyn in Cullowhee said...

How sweet of your student 'Aaron'. I received a postcard AND a drawing of the Sears Tower.
Mimi Martyn
Cullowhee, NC

Carolyn in Cullowhee said...

How sweet of your student 'Aaron'. I received a postcard with a drawing of the Sears Tower today.
Mimi Martyn

Anonymous said...

What a sweet child Aaron is, to have sent me a postcard with his drawing of the Sears Tower. I hope your students enjoyed the postcard project.
Mimi in NC

Kristin said...

Good morning!
I have been following your blog for more than a year now and it gives me great inspiration.
I live in Paducah, KY and am contemplating opening a store specializing in cool stamps, inks, ephemera, etc. From reading about your passions - I know you to be a prime consumer of such wonderful stuff. As part of my market research to see if the kind of shop I envision is viable, could I trouble you with a few questions about what you value in an independent shop, if you think they are viable these days vs the Internet, and what attracts someone to such a store? I would really appreciate it. My email is if you are agreeable. or I can call you at a convenient time. Thank you very much, Kristin

faddisfamily said...

I've tried the Niji watercolors, ordered mine direct from Yasutomo -- darn it, I love buying at discounts but I missed out.

Anyway, they give a similar sheen to Twinkling H20s -- only I found that I have to use more of it to get good color coverage, tend to be more sheer. The first time I painted this card, it looked fine when viewed at an angle to see the sheen, but when viewed straight on, there were gaps that had no paint and no sheen -- so I had to go back and do it again. Here's where you can see my sample:

Laurie said...

I ordered the Niji watercolors from skybluepink the day I read about them in your blog and received them about a week later. (Good service, great price and no complaints about their store.) I think I will enjoy the portability of these sparkly paints but I was disappointed by the lack of vibrancy in the colors. I'm not sure Twinkling H2Os can be replaced -- I've never used anything that comes close to the deep, rich colors or the consistency of their paints. Thanks for the tip about the discount though and I'm sure I'll enjoy the convenience of being able to pack the Niji watercolor case with my to-go art supplies.