Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Whatever possessed me?

This morning, I had to stop and get some gas on the way to school. I stopped inside the gas station/McDonalds/Mini-Mart to get a cup of coffee and to grab a quick bite to eat since I had forgotten to get some breakfast. I was running a late this morning. I was up late last nite typing up a paper for my reading cohort. My eyes gravitated to some Donuts Gems. Mind you, I am not a real big donut eater. I will have an occasional glazed donut but that is about it. I am not big on really sweet things. I have lost my sweet tooth more and more as I have gotten older. I actually prefer dark chocolate the older I get. I like salty things more and more. They say you lose your taste buds as your grow older. I have always like salty things more - even as a child. Nope, I don't have high blood pressure or anything like that.

I am talking about the small powdered donuts. Not the big honkers. I am talking about the ones that I can barely pop into my already small mouth. They just barely fit. I always get the corners of my mouth full of white powdered sugar and a big dusting of white sugar falls down on the front of my chest. Well, it was no different today. I told myself that I would not open the package until I got to school so I would not get any on my black sweater. Yes, I dress like my color palette. I like to wear black and earth tones. I also had on a hunter green jacket.

Needless to say, the package did not stay closed for even a mile. My hunter green jacket has white streaks and smudges on it. It is sitting in my washer waiting to be washed right now. My black sweater was saved though. Was it worth it? Well, yeah! I popped a few of those babies right into my mouth and waited for the powdered sugar to melt in my mouth. They were so yummy with my very hot coffee. I made sure my mouth was sugar-free before getting to school. I don't think that I will do that again anytime soon though.

Just thought I would share. The only art I have had time to do is work on some samples for the upcoming Quilt Festival. I will post that as soon as I am done with it. I also made a cool charm necklace with several chains attached to one clasp. I will need to take a pict with my iPhone and post to the blog. Just really busy. Will get to it. Hope all of you are being creative for me.

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Joanie Hoffman said...

small world,I just bought a pack of those same powdered sugar donuts from the vending machine. they fit in my kind of big mouth just fine!
Happy days,