Sunday, January 10, 2010 sale for pendant swap

Just wanted pendant swap artists and jewelry fans in general to know that is having a sale in honor of the Mixed Media Art Friends Yahoo Group pendant swap (I'm hostessing) and Cloth Paper Scissors Pendant Swap. Grab these great deals while you can. I shop here all the time. I buy from here just like you do. I just try to get you a great deal in the process because I want to make the swap as much fun as possible. I don't get a thing for doing this from 8-D

Here is the link:

Here are some other things I like from their website while you are there looking:

2" canvas:
If you don't have Dick Blick near you.

Scroll down a bit and they have board books (called Possibilities Board Books) that are blank and ready to be altered. That saves you a lot of time and effort sanding down board books if you are really into ABs. I am going to get a couple and see how they compare to regular board books. My kids are past the age where they read board books (my sources have dried up).

Teeny tiny buttons:

Scroll down a bit further and on the beads page and you will come to my favorite Chunky Ball Chain Bracelets. I so love these! I wear those all the time. You can cut the excess length with a pair of cutting pliers. You can't beat the price.

Flat hand charms and Chinese charms:

Wooden Bingo numbers:
makes great charms or part of jewelry

Diamond Glaze and Smooch:

Letter Tiles and teeny puzzle pieces:
Letter tiles are great as charms or part of jewelry
puzzle pieces great for collage or ABs


You can see some of my artwork/jewelry in skybluepink's gallery:

Whew! I am going shopping now before all of you take the stock and I am left with nada.

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