Saturday, July 17, 2010

Newest bracelets and mini tutorial

Copper washers are from eBay. I use 18 ga wire and wrap it around the entire washer. 20 ga wire is too thin and does not look as good to me. You can go directly to liver of sulfer or Jax but I like to heat mine with a torch and/or solder so the ends don't stick up (stay put, but not really necessary). I like to heat mine with a torch because I love the richness in color the torch gives the copper washer.
If you are going to solder, don't forget to flux! Here is pict of my washers after they have been heated with a torch but before polishing. They have been fluxed as well because some of them have solder on them. Just heat the washers on a solderite pad until they are a dark color. Here is where I got mine:
This is the tripod with screen that I use (in case you are interested):

This is what they look like after they have been put in liver of sulfer, rinsed, polished with steel wool (type 00 found in paint dept of hardware store), and then sealed with Renaissance Wax.

Here is a pict of the washer being used in one of my new bracelets. I am also wearing the ball chain bracelets. I always have those on. I also use those for charm bracelets. You can get those at

Here is a pict of a strip of sheet metal that I rolled up diagonally, bent to fit the curve of wrist, cut the ends, and then wrapped wire around the entire thing. I also added wire eyes at both ends so I could attach elements for making a bracelet. I soldered the whole thing to keep it together and to make it stronger so the wire wouldn't bend.

Piece of copper sheet that has two pins soldered on there. I get my copper sheet from You can get it in small quantities in diferent gauges. They even have scrap packs so you can make jewelry.
How I make my lace button jump ring elements for my bracelets:
Cut a strip about 4-5" long. You will get a hang for how long you want it based upon how chunky and how long the piece will be. I use off-white lace. White is too glaring. The lace will be about 3/4-1" wide. Take 2 jump rings and thread from both sides and bring in to about where you want them to be. Bring one side in and fold in the middle once or two. It is okay to overlap. How messy is up to you and it adds to the look. Do the same thing with other side. Hand sew the middle from width to width. What I do is bring the edges towards the middle so it looks a little like a corset. Sew on a white/beige button. I have been using bone type buttons. Knot and done.

I got the idea for the lace button elements from Ruth Rae and Stephanie Lee. I have seen it on some of the things that they have done. Need to give credit where credit is due.
If you are interested in learning more about soldering, here are some resources. Stepanie Lee just closed this online course, but it looks very interesting. She has a newsletter so you can be updated on the next class:
I really like the stuff from Simply Swank for soldering with a gun. They also have vids that you can watch. I use their non-toxic flux.
Enjoy the summer and have fun playing.

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