Thursday, January 04, 2007

Paint on paper towel continued

Sorry, but Blogger does not upload my picts in order. You can tell with the uncut cards, there are some white spaces. That is from tearing. It depends on whether you tear towards you or away from you. Anyway, I did not like how it looked, so I used a small brush and some iridescent gold acrylic paint to fill in the white spots. You might want to use paint or a stamp pad to do the edges before you glue down. Also, another problem I had was with the paper towel itself. Some of the painted parts were coming up because of the thickness or layers in the paper towel. I used Viva. The layers do not separate well. You might want to separate the layers before or after painting so that you minimize the problem. I just took a little liquid glue and glued down the areas that came up. I did use a layer of gel medium over a couple of the cards and the some layers still came up. The big uncut card is using just one layer of the paper towel painted. You can see a cut version of it at the bottom left of the finished backgrounds. I thought some people might like not tearing up the pieces and using it whole. The last step in this technique is to use a fast drying stamp pad (Staz-On here) and a stamp. I like stamps with writing on there. Well, this is the technique on page 16 of Bernie's book. In case you want to pick it up, the name is Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin. You can get it at I got mine at Barnes and Noble.

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Anonymous said...

Belinda, the resulting ATC's are fantastic. I will be trying this technique...with my own variations of course!! I love how you play with what you have on hand.