Thursday, January 04, 2007

warning about using UTEE and regular embossing powder

I just tried the glass-like resin technique on page 56 of the book. I did not do the first part with horitonal and vertical painting. I just took one of my backgrounds from one of the other techniques. I stamped with an embossing pad and then put on a coat of clear UTEE. Heated and then repeated! It came out horrible! The focal image was clouded and could not be seen very well. The UTEE was clumpy and not glass-like at all. I tried it again with some gold on another ATC background and that also came out horrible. I had to use a sheet of paper and an iron to take the UTEE off. The supply list called for Ultra-thick embossing powder (Ranger). I used the Suze stuff - figured it was the same. Ugh! Don't try this technique on a good piece of work. Try it on a scrap first.

I did do it again with ultra clear embossing powder that I have left over from Stampin' Up days. It is just regular embossing powder. I did that in two coats and it came out okay. It looks like I put a thin coat of diamond glaze orver my ATC.

Nothing to write home about. This is not a technique I would use again. I did an "Ehh" when I saw the results. No big deal. The sample shown is with the regular embossing powder. Can't really see the glassy part. Try clicking on it for a bigger view.

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