Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Initial background papers

Click on the pict to see a larger pict with more detail.

These are some background papers that I have been working on for various projects. They are not done yet. I still need to stitch and iron them. I will post my final results when done.

What I did was use a sheet of freezer paper shiny side up so I would not make a huge mess and so that I could pull the sheet up easily. I took a sheet of thin homemade paper that I got from dickblick. They come in large sheets. I used some PPA, water, and some iridescent gold paint to make a glue wash. Just a little paint as a glaze. I used a large flat cheapie brush and applied a coat to the homemade paper. I then took long strips of homemade, printed, and text and laid them out all vertically. As I laid them out, I brushed the glue wash on top of it. I made sure that I had the glue wash on top and on the bottom of each strip. When I was happy with the composition, I took a paint scraper and scraped off the excess glue wash. The underlying print and patterns showed up in various spots. I let dry completely. I then added a little quin/nickel azo gold and a little magenta fluid acrylic to the remaining glue wash and started over again. I did a third sheet by adding some more glue, water, and interference green oxide with a little hookers green to the glue wash.

After it was all dried, I used a dry brush and brushed on a mixture of iridescent gold, halo pink gold lumiere (a little left over in the jar) with some gold pearl ex. I shook it well to mix it and then just dry brushed certain areas. I highlighted areas that did not have a lot of texture or print to bring it out.

BTW, I will be making sheets like this to swap at Art Unraveled. I will be meeting up with my Art Technique group members there. We can play and make backgrounds, if people want to do that. Any and all people are welcome to join us.
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Anonymous said...


I love yr blog and yr art. The only problem with these background papers is that they are too nice to cover up with art work or collage :)


............Aimeslee said...

Belinda, I just found your blog last night and I've already bookmarked it on my blog, sent an email to my BMuse yahoo group recommending it (for a charm swap going on there, as well as just anything you've posted), and I may not be able to stop myself from blogging about you and my experience here! OMG, just know I've been totally blown away and really inspired by you! I may just open Bernie's book now, LOL.