Sunday, April 22, 2007

background pages

You will need:

glue wash -I use Sobo and some water about 3 parts glue and 1 part water

old flat brush


mulberry paper in white or neutral color

tissue paper, handmade papers, or printed paper in small sections or strips.

(do not use wallpaper paper because it will not stick well - won't absorb the glue)

transparent yellow iron oxide fluid acrylic or other color - I use this so that the backgrounds blend together better, looks more fluid to me.

freezer paper or wax paper - use shiny side\

tarp or something else to protect the floor

I did this after the silk fusion. I am on a string thing. I have not decided if I will work on it as a whole or cut them up. I will probably cut them up. I will cut on up for the Raw Art art-a-day swap. What I did was tear up some sheets of mulberry paper into fourths and put them on freezer paper.

I used a glue wash and laid a nice coating on it. I laid out the string. I then started layering strips of paper - handmade, printed, and tissue paper on top of the string. I just kept overlapping until I liked how it looked. I put a layer of white mulberry paper on top - did not cover the whole thing but a good portion of it. After I did that and put a layer of glue wash on top of it, I used some transparent yellow iron oxide (with a little water so the paint would flow more easily) on top of the collaged papers. I put some misc papers on top if I did not like the composition.

I left it on the freezer paper to dry completely. Do not take it off too soon or it will still be sticking to the freezer paper. I hung it up today in my shower to make sure it was completely dry before using any of it.

I will post a pict as soon as I do a finished piece. I think that I will use the chipboard pieces that I got from the Quilting Arts booth.

Click on the pict for a larger view. Comments welcome.


Kelli said...

Truly awesome. You are about the most creative person I've ever seen--always inventing! I want to try this :) Kelli

Kathy D said...

Belinda...this is simply fantastic! Thanks much for sharing the tech with everyone...

Wabbit said...

What a great idea to use those pants hangers! Belinda, you do come up with some very good ideas.