Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thomas Mann workshop

Sorry, delay in posting. I just have not had the chance to post about it. I have not finished my piece but will post what I have done as soon as my daughter is done playing Sesame Street. My laptop is not connected to my scanner.

Anyway, we started off late - almost an hour. Then we went through all the kits and other stuff he had to sell. He did a Powerpoint presentation about what we had to do. By the time we were done, I think some of us forgot what we first had to do. I know that I did. The venue was very nice though. The Art Center had a great jewelry workshop room. Lots of tools there.

I did learn some things at this workshop. I learned how to sandwich layers of different materials - which I probably would have figured out how to do on my own. I don't think that I would have done it the way he did it though. I also learned quite a bit about jewelry sawing. I also learned about a tool that helped to put a thread in the back of a hole so that the screw and nut would not come apart in the sandwich process. The other stuff in the workshop was not new to me.

The kit of materials that we used were two pieces of metal, piece of plastic or plexiglass, and some 1/16th screws and nuts. That was $35.oo. I thought that was kind of steep. I had the basic structure finished the first day. If I had wanted to do another one, then I would have to shell out another $35 or I could bring similar materials from home and use that. I had everything I needed at home. I figured why should I go all the way back when I could do it myself now? I did not want to pay $70 for two finished pieces.

I learned some things and am glad that I took it. I figure that everything I learn will just add to my metalworking background knowledge. I would not take him again because I did not agree with his teaching style. I guess certain things irk me since I am a teacher myself. He does have some fabulous pieces of jewelry for sale though.

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